Pre–Insulated Pipes Australia Wide

Australian Made Pre–Insulated Pipes

All of our pre-insulated piping is manufactured in our large, well equipped Production Plant in Salisbury, South Australia. We are the major supplier of high volumes of the GipsPipes branded, pre-insulated piping system.

Quality Control System

Our pre-insulated pipes are guaranteed top quality. Whether you require them for underground, above ground or subaqueous – they will perform to the highest standard thanks to our new innovative centering system and strict quality control system.

High manufacturing Capacity

We have the capacity to manufacture up to 1 KM of pipe a week – so if you have a large project requiring a high volume of pre-insulate piping give us a call today on 0428 112 559.

Choice of colours

Our pre-insulted piping is available in most colours. Short run orders can be powder coated or if in a larger quantity we can provide a colour bond coat.

Multiple uses

We manufacture pew-insulated piping for a number of uses:

  • Hot & Cold Pipe Insulation
  • Refrigeration
  • Ammonia Pipes

Using our spiral machine we can make casings to suit all Pre-Insulated Piping for all puposes.

Our high pressure pouring cannon means that every time you buy our pipes you are saving 10% on pipes made with a low pressure machine!

All pipe leaving production at our facility is quality checked and endorsed – so you know you are buying a high quality product that will give you the performance you need.


Advantages of using pre-insulation instead of traditional insulation:

  • 100% watertight
  • 100% corrosion protected
  • Energy saving
  • Virtually no maintenance costs
  • UV resistant
  • Greater surface strength

Pre-insulated pipes for:

  • Refridgeration
  • Hot Pipe Insulation
  • Cold Pipe insulation
  • Ammonia Pipe insulation