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Pipe Insulation

Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems – Manufactured in Australia

We manufacture high quality pre-insulated pipe insulation for a diverse range of applications and projects.

We have grown to understand the types of challenges experienced by Industry. We will working closely with you to understand your needs.

Our pre-insulated pipe systems meet and exceed the requirements and specifications of each project.

Benefits of Gips Pre-Insulated Pipes

High performance in any conditions.

The proven efficiency and versatility of pre-insulated piping makes it the most successful system available for transferring fluids and gases, where the keeping of heat loss or gain to a minimum is required.

For optimum performance for applications:

  • aboveground,
  • underground or
  • under water.

Detailed Advantages our Pre-Insulted Pipes

  • Wide Temperature Tolerance Range: -45 to +120 Degrees C,
  • Spiralduct Spiral Casing – long life and durability, vapour sealed, protected against corrosion and damage,
  • Poly Spacer brackets designed by GipsPipes,
  • Pipes totally filled with Polyurethane closed cell rigid foam,
  • Vapour sealed for double protection against moisture,
  • Exterior supporting brackets on outside of casing – no cold tracking,
  • Continuous quality control,
  • Fast turn-around time – 7 to 10 working days,
  • All Kits supplied include bends, T’s, Cones, Joiners and Valves – supply only or fitted.
  • Highly experienced tradesmen.

Insulated Pipe Design

Our Pipe Systems are made up of a carrier pipe, covered by an insulated layer of polyurethane foam, which is then encased in a protective jacket or outer layer.

Pre-insulation for ANY carrier pipe

Due to the versatility of our system we can pre-insulate virtually any type of pipe, including

  • Pre Insulated Copper Pipe,
  • Steel Pre Insulated Pipe,
  • Rolled groove steel piping,
  • Pre Insulated Stainless Steel pipe,
  • Pre-Insulated Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe (PVC Pipe) and
  • High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE Pipe).

Pre-insulated Pipe Uses

Pre-insulated pipes have many uses in

  • Heating Ventilation and Cooling,
  • Mechanical Services,
  • Refrigeration,
  • Wineries,
  • Food Processing,
  • Bottling Plants and
  • Breweries.

Quality control.

For maximum insulation properties and performance all our Pre-insulated pipe products are manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment.

We use a one-shot process this ensures that the system is fully encapsulated and void free.

Our Pipes deliver optimum life performance and durability.

Our quality control system ensures that your insulated pipe is manufactured to exact specifications.

Fittings & Installation Kits

On-site installation is easy with factory fabricated pre-insulated fittings and onsite installation kits.


Please see the thermal insulation arm of our business