Spiral Pipe Insulation

The spiral pipe manufacturing process is possibly the most cost efficient way to produce steel pipe, allowing for a wide range of pipe diameters and wall thicknesses to be produced.

Gipspipes is able to offer the GIPS Spiralduct casing, which ensures greater durability, and extremely efficient vapour seal with the added benefits of low corrosion and high damage resistance.

Gipspipes Spiral pipe is manufactured using Double-Sided Submerged Arc Welding technology, which is also known as Electric Fusion Welding.

During this process, the molten weld and the arc zone are protected from the atmosphere by being submerged under a blanket of fusible flux.

When molten, the flux becomes conductive and provides a current path between the electrode and the base metal – this allows for higher weld travel speeds, without sacrificing quality; which means improved productivity and lower costs.

Spiralduct from Gipspipes

The Gipspipes production system results in significant cost savings, without sacrificing quality.

Our pre-insulated Spiralduct piping system is suitable for a temperature range from minus 45 degrees Celcius to plus 120 degrees Celcius within the carrier pipe.

The spiral casing is manufactured within our own complex giving Gunspray a total one stop Insulation shopping experience

Consistent Performance

Centralising polyethylene spacer brackets specifically designed by GIPS Pipes, ensure an even layer of insulating foam can be injected between the carrier pipe and the spiral casing, for supremely consistent performance.

Polyurethane closed cell rigid foam injected in a one point dumping process ensures all pipes are totally filled.

Supporting brackets located on the outside of our spiral casing ensure there is no chance of any cold tracking.
Bracket spacing’s can be widened to suit the rigidity of the individual casing and Insulation.

Quality Control

We take quality control seriously and employ quality control management system ISO 9001 :2008 for the manufacturing of all GIPS Pipe products.

Continuous quality controls are in place throughout every step of the manufacturing process to deliver premium quality every time.

Spiral Pipes – Fast Delivery

We have a turnaround time from 7 to 10 working days and have the capacity to manufacture up to 600 metres of completed pipes per day, depending on size of pipe & casings.

GIPS Pipes can supply all types of kits for cladding Bends, Tee’s, cones, Joiners, Valves, either as a supply only package or a supply and fitted using highly experienced tradesmen.

Pre Insulated Piping

Pre Insulated Piping 2